Will Ethereum Rise?

Cryptocurrencies continue to rise steadily. It can be seen that this rise, especially in bitcoin prices, is reflected in all coins. However, it is also clear that some coins are not yet able to give the desired pricing. Undoubtedly, Ethereum manages to attract attention as one of them. According to some analysts, Ethereum seems to experience a greater acceleration in the medium to long term than it does today. 

Chris Burniske Explained His Thoughts About Ethereum

Another person who shared his thoughts on Ethereum prices and targets was Chris Burniske, former head of crypto at ARK Invest. Burniske shared his views on Ethereum’s price movement versus Bitcoin. 

Burniske believes that after two years of consolidation, Ethereum is ready to make a breakout against the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Ethereum last made such a price jump in May 2021, when ETH gained more than 150 percent against BTC in a little over a month and consolidated for 931 days before that. 

Will Ethereum Rise?

Can It Dethrone Bitcoin?

Burnisque’s rise, should it occur, is likely to be smaller than last time, as the current consolidation lasted only a third as long as the previous one and therefore accumulated less energy. 

While this is unlikely from a pricing perspective, it is not hard to say that the rate of increase would still be better. 

Once the liquidity inflows occur, we will see if Ethereum can renew its all-time high against Bitcoin. Currently, this value is 0.1564 BTC per ETH, 123 percent higher than the current Ethereum price.

What To Make Of Other Coins?

Of course, it should be noted that different coin options come to the fore when it comes to pricing. Many options and very important projects that have been waiting for years in this regard may not see the value they deserve. 

There are also coins that have declined for reasons such as hacking and irregular infrastructure. Undoubtedly, among these coins, Solana is at an extremely important point and manages to attract attention. 

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