Apple Spent the Most Money on Lobbying

According to public statements, Apple was the company that increased its lobbying spending the most compared to other similar competitors in the late year. Although the expenditure for the Cupertino-based company is a record for itself, it is still at a lower level than its competitors.

Apple Increases Lobbying Spending Every Year

Last year, Apple experienced a 44% rise in lobbying expenditures compared to 2021, which totaled up to $9,4 million. Making this the highest increase of its peers in the industry; however still much lower than other tech companies and corporations.

Microsoft and Google had enormous spending on lobbying activities in 2022, with Microsoft investing $9,8 million and Google investing $10.9 million, yet Meta was at the forefront of this list. Amazon increased its expenditure by 2%, totaling a whopping $19.7 million, while Meta spent notably less than that, amounting to only $19,2 but reducing their costs by 4.8%.

Apple Spent the Most Money on Lobbying

Technology Companies are also Investing in Chip Production

The USA has recently enacted CHIPS and Science Acts to bolster the production of chips, thanks in part to lobbying activities carried out by five major technology companies. Needless to say, all firms providing lobbying services within America are legally required to disclose their activity and the name of each representative acting on their behalf. These measures have ensured that a higher level of accountability is maintained when it comes to influencing governmental legislation.

Last year, Intel boldly invested up to $100 billion in creating the largest chip-manufacturing complex on Earth. Simultaneously, this giant corporation also bumped its lobbying spending by an impressive 72%, amounting to a total of $7 million. Additionally, Micron declared that it would develop a facility within America and increased its expenditure by 118% – reaching nearly $4,2 million!

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