This WhatsApp Feature Will Make Many People Unhappy

When WhatsApp was established in 2009, it took the world by storm and quickly became the most popular communication application. In 2022 alone, 424 million people downloaded this app, propelling it to reach one of the top three positions among all applications. Its success is evident from its users worldwide; after being acquired by Meta, WhatsApp has seen immense improvement across every dimension imaginable!

Unfortunately, certain features offered by these advancements are not welcomed by all WhatsApp users. They even criticize and compare them to the kind of feature that might demolish a few relationships.

WhatsApp ‘s New Features Have Been The Subject Of Discussion.

WhatsApp has recently introduced two new features that will affect users’ privacy. One of these features was the renewed WhatsApp message notification box. In this new box, the profile photo of the person who sent the message can also be seen.

whatsapp featured

The appearance of the WhatsApp profile photo in the notification box will reveal who you are messaging, which can be a privacy concern. Before this feature came, only the name of the user was registered in the notification box of WhatsApp. WhatsApp users who wanted to hide the other person’s identity by saving the person they wanted to hide with a different name.

Apart from this, there is currently no feature on WhatsApp that will allow another user to hide the person’s profile photo. In addition, the name someone else uses in the application cannot be changed. However, WhatsApp users can control who can view their profile photos.

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