• NewsRussia Started Selling Gold To Close The Budget Deficit

    Russia Started Selling Gold To Close The Budget Deficit

    Russia sky-high budget deficit has caused it to liquidate a portion of its gold reserves and foreign exchange, as income from oil and gas sales dwindles. To close Russia’s billion-dollar national budget hole, authorities took decisive action in January to tap into their gold and currency reserves. Russia Sells Gold and Yuan to Close Trade Deficit In accordance with the Tass Russian news agency, Russia’s Ministry of Finance issued a statement…

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  • NewsThe “7 Geopolitical Scourges” of the Global Economy

    The “7 Geopolitical Scourges” of the Global Economy

    National Westminister Bank PLC (NatWest), the world-famous British investment bank, listed the geopolitical problems of the global economy in its 2023 economic forecast report, unlike other investment banks. In its report, NatWest drew attention to 7 countries that could strain the global economy. Undoubtedly, Russia and Ukraine lead these countries. Russia Is, As Expected, The Biggest Threat To The Economy. Since the initiation of Russian occupation on February 24, 2022,…

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  • MoneyShared Currency Steps from Russia

    Shared Currency Steps from Russia

    While on his African tour, Russia ‘s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the press in Angola with a noteworthy announcement. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov highlighted the “increasing need for a shared currency, as discussed within BRICS, with initiatives to create currencies in Latin American and Caribbean countries. As these discussions come closer to fruition, they will certainly be decided on at the end of August when South Africa hosts…

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