When to Buy Bitcoin and Others? A Few Tips to Remember

Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are risky. On the other hand, these tips can benefit you.

Cryptocurrency markets are known for the high volatility that comes with trading them. Price movements in digital currencies are often more extreme than in the stock market. Double-digit losses or gains within a short period are not uncommon, making it all the more difficult to recognize when the right time to buy or sell cryptocurrencies has come. We’ve gathered a few tips that cryptocurrency experts have prepared for you. By following them, it is possible to make safer investments.

When to Buy Bitcoin and Others? A Few Tips to Remember

The Heart of the Crypto Shifted from Asia to America

In the past, Asian countries were the primary players in cryptocurrency markets; however, this has shifted dramatically over time. Now, most crypto trading is taking place in America rather than Asia. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others are deemed profitable yet risky investments that many large investment banks in the West now include in their portfolios. This shift is mirrored by an increase in cryptocurrency trading volume during active Wall Street hours. Therefore, it’s clear that cryptocurrencies have become a new norm for investors worldwide!

No Trading on the Weekend

In contrast to the exchanges, cryptocurrency trading does not rest even on weekends. Nevertheless, crypto trader and market analyst Cantering Clark advises CoinDesk to refrain from trading Bitcoin and others at the weekend. This is because the market volume is relatively low in crypto and legacy markets such as forex. This causes an environment that is more suitable for manipulation. Although trading on the weekend is not seen as a mistake, there is an understanding that weekday trading is safer.

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