VeChain Aims to Catch Up the Tide with “The HiVe”

VeChain recently released a Medium article introducing their exciting new launch, The HiVe. This sustainability and Web3-focused event is set to be the successor of VeChain’s 2019 summit with an ambition to spur collaboration within the Web3 community and accelerate sustainable progress in our world. 

Vechain The Hive Will Launch On February 2

The HiVe is officially launching its registration and landing pages on February 2, 2023 – for free. On March 4th in Las Vegas, the event will burst with VeChain-specific content alongside some amazing examples of sustainable Web3 technologies from other protocols. 

The Hive is devoted to cultivating collaboration across the web3 community and serving as a beacon of inclusivity for sustainability, particularly pertaining to developments within the blockchain ecosystem. Despite economic hardship over the past year or so and recent reports from the US Federal Reserve (FED), VeChain remains hopeful that regulatory clarity will soon be achieved regarding crypto industries. This outlook provides VeChain with an optimistic view of what lies ahead in this upcoming evolutionary stage for blockchain technology.

Vechain The Hive Will Launch On February 2

Exclusive Gifts Will Be Given To The Participants

A total of 150 tickets are allocated for the general public, with X-nodes receiving a guaranteed allotment of 50. Moreover, physical attendees at this event will also be granted exclusive “Proof of Participation” (POP) NFTs. These NFTs mark VeChain‘s premiere official tokens, and they unlock benefits to holders on the same day. Various social media channels will stream the event live in HD for those who cannot attend in person. Lastly, VeChain plans to announce some advancements brought by VeChain during this gathering.

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