Trip Hawkins, The Founder Of EA, Believes In The Future Of Web3

The billionaire Trip Hawkins will take on the roles of consultant and director of strategy for the Barcelona-based company. Hawkins maintains high regard throughout the IT community, not only in the gaming sector. He was an Apple executive who was Silicon Valley-stamped and collaborated with Steve Jobs.

The founder of EA is “one of the finest visionaries in the games business, to the extent of already talking about NFTs in 2007 when I met him,” according to Manel Sort, the current CEO of GFAL. The CEO is now hoping that they can work together to help Web3 gain popularity among gamers.

Trip Hawkins, The Founder Of EA, Believes In The Future Of Web3

Cryptocurrency Technologies are the Future

On the other hand, Hawkins was eager to highlight the potential that blockchain and other cryptocurrency technologies have in this sector, “enabling enhanced experiences, verifiable proof of ownership and trading of assets, as well as creating new opportunities for social interaction and innovative business models.” He claims that the goal is to demonstrate how Web3 technology may enhance existing game formats rather than pressuring gamers to switch to it.

Web3 Projects are Taking Off

Web3 is the intersection of the current internet with blockchain-based technology, as well as ideas like decentralization, NFTs, and token economies. Many believe it to be the World Wide Web’s future, altering how businesses and people communicate online, notably with regard to gaming.

Robbie Ferguson, the founder of ImmutableX, estimated earlier this month that over 1 million gamers would enter this market by the end of the year. Reggie Fils-Aimé, the former president of Nintendo, and other well-known figures in the industry concur that this new market will be driven mostly by gamers.

While it is still in its early phases, Web3 as a whole has been able to take over more and more territory. According to a new survey, investments in the industry increased dramatically in 2022, despite the crypto winter.

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