The Ethereum Universe has Deadline For The Shanghai Update

Ethereum developers have set March 14 as the deadline for activation of the Shanghai upgrade on the Goerli test network. The upgrade on the main network, which will allow operators to withdraw deployed ETH, is scheduled for the second week of April. Previously, this last phase was scheduled for March.

The Latest Update Is Postponed Until April

The latest update of Ethereum, which allows the redemption of Ether blocked for more than a year, has been postponed until April.
As is well known, Ethereum developers have been working for some time to unlock ETH used by investors and ensure that it is done without errors. In the meantime, the Shanghai update was recently activated on the Sepolia testnet and is expected to be rolled out later on the Goerli testnet. During the developer meeting held today, it was decided to distribute the Shanghai update on Goerli on March 14.

Deadline For The Shanghai Update In The Ethereum Universe

Delay From The Planned Date

Goerli will be the last public test network on which developers will test the distributed ETH fallback before activating the code change on the main network. If this phase goes smoothly, the main Shanghai network should be activated in the second week of April. The final phase should take place in March.

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