SOVRYN (SOV) Coin Overview and Weekly Technical Review:

This article centers around a thorough assessment of SOV coin's technical and fundamental attributes using data obtained from . Our report aims to address vital inquiries regarding the projects associated with the cryptocurrency ; determining significant factors affecting its market value ; reviewing which are reliable exchanges for trading it.

This article centers around a thorough assessment of SOV coin’s technical and fundamental attributes using data obtained from . Our report aims to address vital inquiries regarding the projects associated with the cryptocurrency ; determining significant factors affecting its market value ; reviewing which are reliable exchanges for trading it  ; identifying traded currency pairs ; exploring assorted key metrics that demonstrate critical aspects of performance such as highest low price values attained among other essential economic indicators. We will also provide regular weekly graphical or technical analyses aimed at assisting potential investors evaluate feasible investment risks areas while identifying prospective profits.


What is SOVRYN (SOV) Coin?

The Sovryn (SOV) coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that powers the Sovryn platform . Sovryn is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain using the RSK sidechain technology . It aims to provide users with a permissionless and censorship-resistant platform for trading, lending, borrowing, and earning interest on digital assets .

The SOV token serves as the native currency of the Sovryn ecosystem. Holders of SOV have various benefits within the platform , including governance rights to vote on proposals and changes in protocol parameters . Additionally , staking SOV tokens can allow users to earn rewards .

Sovryn focuses on providing a robust infrastructure for DeFi applications while leveraging the security and stability of Bitcoin’s network . By utilizing smart contracts and innovative technologies like atomic swaps, it enables trustless peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries or centralized control .

The project aims to empower individuals by giving them full ownership and control over their financial activities while maintaining privacy and security . Users can participate in margin trading, yield farming, liquidity provision , and other DeFi functionalities through the Sovryn platform using SOV tokens .

It’s important to conduct thorough research before engaging with any cryptocurrency project or investing in its associated token .

If you want to know more about the SOVRYN (SOV) coin , you can visit its website .


Sovryn (SOV) has several projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing the DeFi ecosystem and providing a comprehensive platform for users . Here are some notable projects associated with Sovryn :

  1. The Sovryn Protocol : At its core, Sovryn is a decentralized finance protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain using RSK sidechain technology . The protocol enables functionalities such as margin trading , lending, borrowing , yield farming, and liquidity provision .
  2. Governance : SOV token holders have governance rights within the Sovryn ecosystem . They can participate in voting on proposals related to protocol upgrades , parameter changes , or other important decisions through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure .
  3. Staking Rewards : By staking SOV tokens, users can earn rewards from various incentive programs within the platform . These incentives aim to encourage participation and provide benefits to long-term holders of SOV .
  4. Liquidity Mining : Sovryn incentivizes liquidity providers by offering rewards for contributing liquidity to specific pools on their decentralized exchange (DEX) . This ensures sufficient liquidity for trading activities while encouraging community participation .
  5. Community Development Fund : To support innovation and growth within the ecosystem, Sovryn has established a Community Development Fund that provides grants to developers working on projects aligned with its vision of building an open financial system .
  6. Partnerships & Integrations : Sovryn actively seeks partnerships with other blockchain projects and entities in order to expand its reach and enhance interoperability within the broader DeFi landscape .


These are just some examples of ongoing projects associated with Sovryn’s mission to create an accessible and permissionless financial infrastructure powered by Bitcoin technology .


Factors affecting price: 

The price of the Sovryn (SOV) coin, like any other cryptocurrency, is influenced by various factors. Here are some key factors that can potentially impact the price of SOV:

  1. Market Sentiment : The overall sentiment and perception of the crypto market can heavily influence the price of SOV . Positive news, adoption by major players , or industry developments may drive up demand and increase prices .
  2. Bitcoin Performance  : As Sovryn is built on the Bitcoin blockchain using RSK sidechain technology, movements in the price and performance of Bitcoin can have an indirect impact on SOV’s price . Bitcoin’ s dominance as a leading cryptocurrency often influences market trend .
  3. Project Development & Adoption : Progress in project development, protocol upgrades, successful partnerships, and integrations with other platforms can boost confidence in Sovryn’s ecosystem and attract more users and investors to hold or use SOV tokens .
  4. Regulatory Environment : Government regulations regarding cryptocurrencies can significantly affect their value . Changes in laws or regulatory actions that either promote or restrict crypto usage could impact investor sentiment towards SOV .
  5. Market Supply & Demand Dynamics : The supply-demand dynamics within the marketplace play a crucial role in determining token prices. Factors such as liquidity availability, trading volume, token distribution mechanisms (e.g., token burns), staking rewards structures, and lock-up periods for tokens may all contribute to fluctuations in SOV’s value .
  6. Overall Crypto Market Conditions : Cryptocurrency markets are interconnected; therefore broader market conditions can influence individual coin prices including SOV’s value . Major events like global economic trends, financial crises or geopolitical developments might cause volatility across multiple cryptocurrencies including SOV .


It is important to note that cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and subject to rapid changes based on various unpredictable factors beyond those mentioned above .


Where can I buy SOVRYN Coin (SOV)?

Exchange                                         Pair                           Volume







SOVRYN Coin (SOV) Baseline Assessment :

 The market cap of the SOVRYN (SOV) coin is $ 12.528.908  and its circulating supply is 29.650.842  units. Its maximum Supply is 100.000.000 units, with a fully diluted valuation of $ 42.254.813.


What is the high price point for SOVRYNCoin (SOV)?

SOVRYN Coin (SOV) highest price is $0.06397 recorded on Oct 07, 2021. The current price is -99.07% lower than the all-time high .

What is the low point of the price for SOVRYN Coin (SOV)?

SOVRYN (SOV) token’s lowest price was $0.1656 on Dec 12, 2022 .

SOVRYN Coin(SOV) Technical Outlook:

Sovryn (SOV) coin dropped from $47.41 on 04 Oct 2021 to $0.17 on 28 Nov 202. Although it went up to $1.14 with an increase of 528% from here, it was not permanent and retracted to $0.36592. It has started to consolidate in this region in recent weeks. With the increase in volume, it can be expected to move upwards again. The critical resistance that needs to be crossed for this move not to remain as a reaction is the $1.14 level. This level falling trend appears as the region with the highest volume. In possible rises, our fibo levels will appear as resistance.

Our support level is $0.36592 – $0.17141. Our resistance levels are: $0.6465 – $1.4696- $2.8538 – $554148 – $14.25 -4748$

Investment information comments, and recommendations contained herein are not within the scope of investment consultancy . The content, comments, and recommendations herein are not guiding but general . These recommendations may not suit your financial situation and risk and return preferences .  Therefore making an investment decision based solely on the information herein may not yield results that meet your expectations .


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