On-Chain Games: A Look at the Future of Blockchain Gaming

In the context of blockchain infrastructure innovation, on-chain games may be the prototype of the next generation of killer applications. With the acceleration of blockchain expansion, the 4G era of blockchain will promote the innovation of complex applications on the chain. 

At present, games on the chain are in the early stage of exploring product forms and verifying the market. So far, no game on the chain that can be called mature has been born, and the playability and completion of most games on the chain are unsatisfactory. Let’s take a quick look at the future of blockchain gaming, on-chain games.

On-Chain Games Will Bring Complete Innovation Instead of Solving Web2’s Problems

Fully On-chain Games (Also known as full-chain games) refer to games that exist in the blockchain in the form of contracts, which are different from GameFi, which only mints in-game assets into tokens. For this kind of incomplete chain game, the state storage and logic execution of the game on the chain is also on the chain, so it also has the characteristics of decentralization, no permission, and composability. It is more inclined to create entirely new game mechanics rather than just making incremental improvements to existing games or putting items on the chain. On-chain games are not born to solve the old problems of Web2 games and incomplete on-chain games but are committed to complete innovation.

On-Chain Games: A Look at the Future of Blockchain Gaming

Chain Games an Inevitable Point in the Evolution of Blockchain Technology

On-chain games are an inevitable path of technological evolution. Every technological revolution in history often breaks out some super products after several years. Behind the tanks are oil extraction and smelting, steel processing, engines, and explosives; behind smartphones are operating systems, touch screens, processors, and sensors; behind AI are computer science, neuroscience, statistics, psychology, and philosophy. Therefore, currently immature games on the chain may mature with the improvement of technology or may become another transit station on the road of product development. But in any case, it is worthy of attention and exploration.

Chain Games Could Bring Necessary Popularity to Blockchain

Blockchain needs application innovation to bring more active users or activate users. The blockchain currently lacks large-scale adoption applications to ensure that users continue to be active on the chain, so gaming has become a target area for further expansion of the blockchain industry. The experience of Axie Infinity and StepN shows that GameFi is not sustainable, so more durable and healthy on-chain games will replace GameFi and become the representative of the next generation of on-chain application innovation.

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