Nexa Coin: A Game Changer in Digital Finance

Nexa is a proof-of-work UTXO Layer-1 blockchain with native tokens and smart contracts that can scale for global P2P distribution. By using hardware to scale, Nexa removes the two main bottlenecks to scalability: signatures and UTXO lookups, making it both more stable and faster to run.

How Do Nexa Blocks Work?

Nexa uses technologies such as Graphene, which reduces traffic load by distributing blocks more efficiently. Xthinner, a new block distribution protocol that uses lexical order of operations (LTOR) to compress blocks by 99.6 percent, and 0-conf, a permissionless technology that enables instant transactions that require no confirmation.

The team behind Nexa consists of experienced software and blockchain architects who have been instrumental in the development of Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash software and solutions.

Facilitating Global Capacity

Thanks to Nexa’s unique PoW algorithm, Nexa will be able to scale to more than 10 billion transactions per day. That’s enough capacity for the entire planet. No high fees and no waiting for your transaction to be secured. This is thanks to new technology that eliminates bottlenecks in bandwidth, storage, and node processing speed.

Support for Local Nexa Token Sources

Tokens are a market-recognized use case for cryptocurrencies that will bring Nexa significant value and network utilization. That’s why Nexa provides token functionality out of the box, without requiring special smart contracts or token standards like ERC-20. But if you need the full power of smart contracts for your token, Nexa provides that too.

A Game Changer in Digital Finance: Nexa Coin

Nexa, Supports Personalized NFTs and Other Cryptocurrency Hardware

NFTs can be created on Nexa in the same way as fungible tokens. They can be used for a variety of exciting functions, such as digital drawings, asset ownership, tickets, gaming items, certificates, or all kinds of use cases that have yet to be discovered. The same incredible functionalities that are open to tokens are also available to NFTs, so there are no limits.

Smart Contracts Are Always a Priority

Nexa uses an ultra-scalable smart contract system that offers almost everything possible on an EVM chain without the massive scaling bottlenecks that come with Turing-complete networks. We call them “smart contracts” because they are not only smart, but they know how network resources are being used.

PoW Demonstrates Case Studies for Scaling

Nexa’s proof-of-work algorithm leverages the massive scaling power of mining incentives to unlock new hardware. It incentivizes the creation of hardware used by nodes to accelerate transaction verification at speeds not found on any other blockchain.

Save Time with Instant Transactions with Nexa

Transactions are sent instantly across the network thanks to the network’s miner rules, which provide sufficient security for certain transactions. Soon, a new technology will be introduced at Nexa that will allow instant, trustless transactions of any amount. Everyone will be able to have their payments credited instantly.

Fast Action Around The World

To create real, revolutionary value, we need to provide enough capacity for everyone on the planet. That’s why scaling plays a critical role in Nexa’s strategy.

This is called “UTXO Commit” and allows new nodes to join the network without having to download the entire blockchain.

At the same time, Nexa Coin demonstrates highly successful and fast operations by ensuring continuous blockchain synchronization. The most obvious examples of this are the continuous downloading and uploading of new transactions and blocks. 

With Graphene Technology, You Don’t Need to Worry About Speed!

Thanks to a technology called “Graphene,” only a very small amount of data needs to be sent to propagate new blocks, regardless of the size of the blocks.

The nodes only need to know the transactions they are missing to validate a block.

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