New Cryptocurrency Regulations in Hong Kong: Can Web3 Companies Return?

Industry luminaries expect upcoming alterations in Hong Kong is cryptocurrency regulations to draw back businesses and personnel as the city makes a concerted effort to reinstate itself as an international crypto hub.

Despite China’s Ban on Cryptocurrency, Hong Kong Keeps Investing in This Area

On Monday, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) released draft rules for virtual asset trading platforms in a press release. Calling on public feedback to their proposed licensing regime that is set to take effect in June 2023, the SFC intends to license cryptocurrency exchanges so retail investors can trade certain large-capitalization tokens with greater security.

In January 2023, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) – the city’s de facto central bank – declared its intention to introduce a mandatory licensing framework for stablecoin issuers this year and stated that algorithmic stablecoins will not be permitted. Following feedback on their 2022 discussion paper, HKMA released the consultation conclusion in April 2021.

In 2021, China prohibited cryptocurrency transactions. Nevertheless, as of 2023, Hong Kong established a licensing system to extend retail crypto trading — all due to the financial secretary Paul Chan’s announcement at a Web3 event. Currently, in this special administrative zone, only those with portfolios totaling US$1 million or more can partake in digital asset trades within the bounds of Hong Kong.

New Cryptocurrency Regulations in Hong Kong: Can Web3 Companies Return?

These Developments Are Attracting Web3 Companies To Hong Kong

At the FinTech Week in October 2022, an influx of crypto businesses was welcomed due to Hong Kong’s adoption of a crypto-friendly stance. On Monday, Justin Sun from Crypto exchange Huobi Global announced on Twitter that they are applying for a trading license within the city and also expressed their plans to shift their Asia headquarters from Singapore to Hong Kong as well. With such progressive attitudes towards cryptocurrency regulations being taken by experts, industries have been spurred into setting up firms within these cities – signifying potential Web3 business opportunities yet to come!

Metalpha’s CEO, Adrian Wang, expressed his opinion regarding the SFC consultation paper: It reflects Hong Kong’s eagerness for retail investors to enter the digital asset space. The policy provides further information concerning anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations while including new requirements such as conflict of interest safeguards. Ultimately these changes promote a secure environment that respects the rights of all involved parties – especially those investing with limited knowledge or funds.

The Hong Kong market has quickly become a hub of activity for NFT companies, in addition to the ever-growing interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. ShucangCN, an acclaimed Chinese NFT platform that launched successfully only months ago, is one example of committing itself towards expanding into this region; it informed Forkast recently about its plans to create an entire NFT China based out of Hong Kong!

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