Interpol Is On The Trail! Will Metaverse Fall Under Regulations?

In order to execute the law, police agencies continue to operate on a variety of platforms. Organizations are seeking ways to implement the law in this field as the usage of the metaverse increases. International Judicial Police (Interpol) Secretary General Jurgen Stock stated that he thinks the group should be prepared to respond to crimes that take place online.

Several well-known companies joined this market as the metaverse world became more widely used. It was also discovered throughout this procedure that certain organizations had come together to perpetrate crimes on the metaverse. It might be because the security in these platforms is not yet established properly. Interpol declared that it is getting ready to intervene on metaverse platforms in response to this information.

Interpol Initiates an Inquiry

Many crimes, including verbal abuse, cyberattacks and malware, fraud, money laundering, and fraudulent transactions, are reportedly now being perpetrated in the metaverse. Some of these offenses, nevertheless, are regarded by law as existing in a gray area since they take place in a virtual setting. According to International Judicial Police (Interpol), its largest issue is determining whether current events occurring in the metaverse will be regarded as crimes.

Interpol Is On The Trail! Will Metaverse Fall Under Regulations?

Using the Metaverse to Control the Metaverse

Interpol Technology and Innovation Executive Director Dr. Madan Oberoi asserted that it is a given that Interpol must use the metaverse platform and communicate with other agencies in order to manage the metaverse. The 90th General Assembly of Interpol was held in New Delhi in October 2022, and as a result, Interpol established itself in the metaverse. Members of the security forces can take online courses using Interpol’s metaverse platform, which enables them to immediately put their metaverse talents to use.

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