A Youtuber Lured an MMA Fighter into Making a Fake NFT Ad

Dillon Danis, the renowned American MMA athlete, created controversy when Coffeezilla a cryptocurrency researcher and YouTube star. Exposed that he had received $1,000 for promoting an illegitimate NFT project without informing his followers. The rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in 2021 and 2022 was primarily due to support from various A-list celebrities; However, some still need to be publicizing fraudulent projects to fans with no confirmation as to if they were legitimate or not. Despite this issue being known, many will continue this practice into 2023 as markets begin their recovery process.

A Youtuber Lured an MMA Fighter into Making a Fake NFT Ad

Dillon Danis, Famous Fighter, Advertises a Fake NFT Project for $1000

Dillon Danis created a buzz on the internet with his promotional tweet, containing an image and website URL that Coffeezilla declared a “scam”. Dug deeper and discovered that this website was only established recently—on 1 February 2023 – which is vital to consider when assessing the legitimacy of new projects.

In addition, the website’s FAQ specifies that no investor can purchase “Sourz” NFTs – crucial details overlooked by the MMA fighter. Coffeezilla took prompt and decisive action to alert users who were duped into participating in this fraudulent project. When clicking on the “Mint Sourz” button, visitors are redirected to a warning page that alerts them of any potential scam.

It’s Not Uncommon for Celebrities To Advertise A Project Without Stating It’s An Advertisement

In June 2021, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. (SEC) discovered that Kim Kardashian had broken federal law by not disclosing her $250,000 incentive when she promoted the EthereumMax. (EMAX) crypto token to her 330 million Instagram followers. This event serves as a harsh reminder of how important it is for influencers and investors alike to conduct their own research before promoting or investing in any project. Coffeezilla intends to provide further information through another video soon.

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