CleanSpark is Making a Provident Move for Mining

CleanSpark, a bitcoin miner, has increased its mining capacity in the United States by buying 20,000 additional Antminer S19j Pro+ processors for $43.6 million. The acquisition will increase the company’s computing capacity by 37%, bringing the total number of miners acquired during the bear market to 46,500 units.

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CleanSpark will pay $32.3 million for the equipment after implementing coupons at a 25% discount, for a total price per terahash (TH) of around $13.25. The Pro+ rigs are 22% more efficient than their predecessors and will be deployed in groups between March and May.

Bitcoin’s Situation Affects Mining Effectiveness

When Bitcoin‘s price recovers, the business uses the market’s reduced rig pricing to increase its mining capacity. According to Hashrate Index statistics, the current price per TH of ASICs with the same Bitcoin mining performance is $15.09, far below the $90.72 recorded a year ago. CleanSpark claims that the Antminer S19j Pro+ model provides a higher return on investment than comparable ASIC-generation devices.

“Once fully operational, they are projected to add 2.44 EH/s to CleanSpark‘s existing 6.6 EH/s of bitcoin mining processing capacity (for a total of 9 EH/s), representing a 37% increase,” the business stated.

CleanSpark is Making a Provident Move for Mining

CleanSpark is Making a Profitable Investment

According to CleanSpark, the purchased models are still more appealing to its activities in the present market circumstances. “As compared to the S19j Pro model of the same generation, the S19j Pro+ offers 122 terahash per unit and preserves an average of 2 joules of energy per terahash.”

A total of 15,000 new devices will be supplied to the company’s Washington and Georgia sites. CleanSpark announced a $16 million upgrade to the site in January, which is expected to improve its mining power by 2.2 exahashes per second (EH/s), with a total hash rate of up to 8.7 EH/s. The business purchased the plant in August of last year before taking over Mawson Infrastructure Group’s site in Sandersville.

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