Brave Initiates a Partnership With Solana Regarding Mobile dApps, Expanding Their Reach

It has been the service provider’s job to make cryptocurrency usage as easy and effective as the adoption of cryptocurrencies like Solana continues to grow. In the most recent news, Brave and Solana have teamed together to promote cryptocurrency acceptance while maximizing its use. On February 7, Brave disclosed through a Twitter thread that it had partnered with the SOL network and that the browser now supports SOL mobile dApps. Also, by enabling a wallet, Brave will enable it to transmit, receive, store, and buy SOL-based tokens directly from the browser.

This Partnership Might Stir a Large-Scale Adoption and Expansion for Both Parties

The partnership that enabled the support of mobile dApps is more of an adoption drive than an upgrade. “With the addition of Solana dApp support on mobile, we are expanding that reach to another key group seeking fast and friendly ways to use their crypto on the go,” stated Brave CEO and co-founder Branden Eich.

Solana Adds Further Value to its Project with This Teamup 

While network adoption has always been a goal, big investors have begun to show interest in both the network and native token SOL after the agreement of mobile dApps. The most recent reports state that whales are active right now on Solana, for millions of SOL tokens have been spotted flowing in the market. WhaleAlerts, an on-chain transaction monitoring company, detected a transfer of 7,981,517 SOL worth $184,488,088 across unidentified wallets.

Solana Adds Further Value to its Project with This Teamup 

Solana has so far shown maturity after recovering from the FTX issue that occurred in the latter part of last year. Solana has seen a rise in bullish tendencies of over 70% during the last 30 days since the year’s commencement.

Notably, SOL has reached several greater highs to reach its current market price, but it is still 90% behind its record high, which was $259, set in November 2021. At the time of February 9th, however, interest in SOL seems to have increased since the announcement of the Brave mobile dApps upgrade.

SOL has been consolidating since the start of the week and is presently trading at $22.77. SOL continues to be the 11th-largest cryptocurrency by market value, with a $660 million 24-hour trading volume.

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