Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Down Trend Again

Although the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin tried hard to break the resistance at $252212 for days, it always faced selling at this level. After these sales, Bitcoin, which retreated a little and rose again towards the resistance, failed to break this resistance and seems to have turned its direction down again. Bitcoin, which broke the falling trend from August 2022 last week and forced the resistance at $ 25212, appears to be back under the trend today. The longer this trend continues, the more likely that selling pressure will increase. Bitcoin, which started the day at $ 24351 yesterday after testing the daily high of $ 25250, closed at $ 24452 with a decrease of 1.57%.

Bitcoin, which started today at $ 24450, is trading at $ 24018 with a decrease of 1.77% at the time of writing.


Bitcoin Chart Analysis

Bitcoin, pushing the resistance at $ 25212 for almost a week, cannot prevent sales from this region. This sale has increased the pressure on Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which returned under the falling trend with the sales yesterday, broke the $ 24240 level, which is currently EMA5, showing that the selling pressure will continue. In closes below EMA5, $23254 (EMA21), and $21769 (EMA100), levels can be followed as support points. On possible upside turns, the EMA5 $24240 and $25212 groups can be observed as resistance.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Down Trend Again

What is the latest situation in Altcoin?

The latest situation in some altcoins;

  • Ethereum: down 1.18% at $1640,
  • Solano: down 5.12% at $23.73,
  • Avax: down 1.81% at $20.60,
  • Ripple: up 0.04% at $0.3887,
  • BNB: It is trading at $306.8, down 1.51% at the time of writing.

This article does not contain investment advise or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision.

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