Big Jump in Cardano: It Increased by 65% in 2023

Since the start of 2023, the cryptocurrency market has been on a tremendous uptrend, with its total cap surpassing $1 trillion in only five weeks. Cardano (ADA) has particularly shined out among other tokens throughout this bullish run and continues to surge upwards daily, raking huge profits for investors.

Cardano has been experiencing a big leap since the beginning of 2023. So what could be the reason for this? What does Cardano's future look like?

What Could Be the Reasons for Cardano (ADA)’s Jump?

While numerous elements have catalyzed Cardano‘s surge during the past few weeks, Santiment has released a report that pinpoints the network transactions responsible for driving this impressive upsurge. From January 1st, 2023, to the present day, Cardano’s market price jumped an astonishing 65%, increasing from $0.24 to its current value of $0.40 as indicated by data provided by, pushing its total market cap from initially reported at 8.63 billion all the way up to 1381 billion- where it continues holding steady as one of world’s leading eight largest cryptocurrencies today!

Santiment reports that investors – including whales and sharks – have injected a staggering $405.85 million into ADA since the beginning of this year alone! This colossal investment has clearly had an immense impact on Cardano’s price, spurring its sharp gain already seen in 2023.

Yesterday, Santiment reported that Cardano made its most substantial daily transactions of over $100k since November 12th, 2022. Such a surge in “whale” activity often leads to large-scale price adjustments; therefore, investors should pay close attention to Cardano and other tokens with comparable transaction records, such as Shiba Inu and Hex.

What’s the Future Like for Cardano (ADA)?

According to BitNation’s price prediction, Cardano (ADA) is estimated to reach its peak rate of $0.72 in 2023, with average and minimum market prices of, respectively, $0.69 and $0.48 for the year. DigitalCoinPrice also anticipates Cardano trending upward this upcoming year; they predict that it could trade up to a whopping 120% gain on its current value at a maximum of $0.88! 

It is important to remember that these price predictions should not be taken as investment advice. All investors must conduct their own research, considering all the potential risks associated with crypto markets before making any decisions.

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