70 Million Dollars Raised For Ukraine

Last week marked the first anniversary of the war between Russia and Ukraine. This war has left behind the worst destruction and an economically devastated Ukraine. For this reason, work for Ukraine continues around the world. Fundraising campaigns on various platforms are in full swing.

Help Came From All Over The World

After Russia declared war on Ukraine, the Ukrainian side received extensive aid in the form of bitcoin donations totaling $70 million. Moreover, this help came at a time when the world economy was in trouble and all cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, were plummeting.

As for the global economy, the past year was marked by a series of challenges. Scandalous events in the digital and traditional financial markets followed each other. First, Russia’s war against Ukraine had many serious consequences. This conflict, triggered by Ukraine, had a significant impact on the global economy. After the start of hostilities, various aid campaigns were launched for the Ukrainian side, and much of this aid was in the form of cryptocurrencies.

70 Million Dollars Raised For Ukraine

Coin Contributions Continue To Run At Full Speed

Since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukraine has continued to receive aid from various international sources. After the Russian invasion, Ukraine received bitcoin aid worth around $70 million. In addition to digital assets, the Ukrainian side also continues to receive aid in many other areas such as health, food, and military equipment.

What Analytics Say

According to statistics from some analytics firms, Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) make up the bulk of crypto donations to the Ukrainian side. According to publicly available statistics, the value of ETH donations was about $29 million, the value of Bitcoin donations was about $23 million, and the value of Tether (USDT) donations was about $12 million.

There are also some independent donation wallets. Considering that these are not included in this figure, the total amount of donations should average around $100 million. Of these donations, only RLT, an online game, has received more than $3.4 million. The same company has also mobilized aid to countries around the world in many extraordinary situations….

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